A Story About Paying Off Debt and the Obstacles Along the Way

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76K Life Update: A Move, A New Job, Debt, and Homework Wars

Fair warning: this post is going to be neither eloquent nor well-edited. Sometimes I think it's better to get something sincere and substantive out there than worry about the way it's presented. Also fair warning: this post is not all about debt repayment, saving, or money. Mostly it's just a life update.

Here's what's been happening in our lives:

(1) We moved. If you've been following us here or on Twitter, you're already aware of that, and you're probably praying that I won't bring up our old neighbors ever again. No worries! I'm not rehashing that horror show because my body and mind are now firmly ensconced in our new home, which is 10 thousand times better and for the following reasons:
  • The availability of actual counter and cabinet space.
  • Quiet.
  • An in-unit washer and dryer OH MY GOD HEAVEN.
  • Hardwood floors (well, okay, laminate - but it's not carpet, so I'll take it).
  • Location adjacent to a nature trail.
  • Did I mention the quiet? 
  • And as a result of the quiet, I no longer need my sleeping pill prescription.
(2) I have a new job. And so far - knock on wood, because it's a little scary to say it - I'm enjoying it. I no longer go to bed dreading the next day. It helps that I'm able to set my own hours and no longer start work before 9 AM. This gives me an opportunity to drink coffee, grumble and mutter in peace, and transform into a semi-sociable human being before I have to communicate with anyone else. Know what else helps? Being able to work in my pajamas. A strong company culture. Earning a fair wage - that helps a lot. Also the fact that my cat is a fantastic coworker.

(3) We paid off $4000 in debt in February! Look for a debt update soon (tomorrow, if I can get my act together). We were hoping to pay off even more with our tax refund, but we used most of that windfall to break our old lease and get into this new abode. That's okay. That's what I call a worthwhile trade-off.

(4) Oh, homework. Let's face it: the 76K family is ridiculously, overwhelmingly lucky. Yes, life has been a whirlwind of change lately, but all of these changes have been positive. 

The biggest stressor in our house right now is homework. I will admit that as a child, I was a workaholic who made up my own homework if my teachers didn't assign me enough. In fact, my parents regularly tried to bribe me to work less. My kid is the complete opposite. If left to his own devices, he will simply not do it, rewards or consequences be damned. 

Do I expect him to be like me? No, but... I do expect him to do his work. Trying to find a way to help him that won't drive me crazy or guarantee his need for therapy later in life has been challenging. This sounds like such a small thing - and certainly is in the grand scheme of things - but I also know that there are other parents who have gone through this phase who know exactly what I mean when I say that it is hard.

Look it up online like I did, people: there are no easy answers to this conundrum.

Thoughts? Advice? LMK.

So that's us: 96% great, 4% needing a big old glass of wine. 

Tell me how you are: what's going well? What's been more stressful? And what kind of homeworker were you when you were a kid?


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