A Story About Paying Off Debt and the Obstacles Along the Way

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November in Review

November vibes
Financially, two things stand out about November 2017:
  • It was a fairly spendy month. We came in at $14 over budget despite a generous allocation for miscellaneous items (darn it!)
  • We made our first Monster Debt Payment!

Yup, we spent more in November than we have in the previous few months. Not to make excuses (okay, I'm totally making excuses), but I attribute this to four fairly worthy expenses:
  • A mini-vacation to Phoenix for our wedding anniversary. We covered most of these expenses with money from our savings account, so with the exception of extra gas for the car, it didn't make much of a dent in our normal budget. It was a wonderful impromptu getaway, and one that refreshed all three of us.
  • Several unexpected trips to the doctor, resulting in $95 in copays. One visit was to my general practitioner to discuss my insomnia. The other two visits were to my dermatologist, who assessed and removed a suspect - but blessedly innocuous - mole. No regrets here, either, as health is a great asset. 
  • Clothes for The Kiddo's holiday concert. Per Murphy's Law, the choir director wanted clothes in the only two colors The Kiddo refuses to wear and does not feature in his wardrobe. Cue last-minute trip to Target.
  • Fortysomething's birthday celebration, including two meals out and presents. 
Birthday drink
We also overspent on groceries by $6, but I blame that on Thanksgiving.

Our big win in November was making our first Monster Debt payment. We ramped up our debt allocation from $1600 to $2200, per our new repayment plan.  Although it's always a little depressing to see our hard-earned money go straight to our creditors, it definitely made a significant dent. We divvied up the money in the following way:
  • Credit Card #2: $1330
  • Credit Card #3: $275
  • Student Loan #1: $201
  • Student Loan #2: $393

Goals versus reality (not all that different!):

In December, I'd really love to see us stick to our grocery and gift budgets, despite the excitement of the holiday season. 
Disease Called Debt


  1. You may have been over budget, but you were so very, very close. With that big debt payment, I'd call it a win. Of course, it's always a good idea to aim for less spending next month!

    1. Thanks, Gary! Working hard to dial it in this month! And I cannot wait to share THIS month's debt payment. :-D

  2. Happy belated anniversary! Wow, that is a HUGE snowball. I'm excited for you as I know you are working very hard to get this knocked out once and for all.

    1. Thank you! Yes, we're so determined to get it done.

  3. Wow, the debt payment is quite impressive! Great job! This time of year is tough to keep the spending reigned in. We haven't been able to do quite as well on our debt payment in the last quarter. But we're shrugging it off and plan to hit the ground running in January.